With so much attention being paid to millennials these days, the travel industry might be missing out on reaching a potentially more important target audience: Generation X.

Defined as those born between 1965 and 1980, Gen Xers have greater buying power than any other generation alive today, millennials included. According to a Millward Brown survey, 68 percent of members of this generation are the top shoppers when it comes to big-ticket purchases like travel. What’s more, 83 percent of those surveyed spend the most money compared to members of older and young generations. The survey is referenced in a blog from TrekkSoft, an online booking and payment software provider for tour and activity companies, along with findings from its Travel Trends Report 2019.

For the companies TrekkSoft serves, as well as for travel agents, advertisers and marketers, it is valuable to know Gen Xers’ traits and preferences.

61% of American Gen Xers have children at home, meaning that family life is very much a priority. The timing of their travel plans typically lines up with the school year. To this bunch, vacations and multigenerational travel are still very important.

Most Gen Xers are looking for:

  • The ability to relax and unwind.
  • Family or group-focused options.
  • The option to work while on vacation.
  • Uncomplicated travel. Xers are less likely to look for help from a travel agent, but far more likely to look for a nicer hotel, amenities, and plan their trips further ahead.

Millennials are predicted to have the most buying power within the next five years, but Generation X is still the reigning big spender when it comes to travel. This could be due to more family-focused travel or relaxation trips that come with a few more amenities. Regardless of the reason, it’s important to remember that with so much focus on Millennials right now, you may be missing out on some of your biggest customers.

Operators who want to attract Gen Xers should:

  • Make sure your offers are presented clearly and can be easily purchased.
  • Ensure that you can accommodate all travelers that a Gen Xer might be traveling with.
  • Be online. Make no mistake, Generation X can be credited for many of the advancements in technology and communications we enjoy today. Wikipedia, Google and Amazon are just some of the generation’s impressive contributions to society so it’s an understatement to say they’ll be looking online and making informed decisions about which activity is right for them.

Speaking to what matters most to your customers through all of your efforts can (and most often is) the decision making factor. Delivering a family-friendly, technologically accessible, serene location is key to reaching and converting those Generation X travelers.