How can we help you take advantage of lifestage marketing?

Marketers often build programs around rigid age groups, gender or household income to identify a target audience. It’s not that most marketers don’t know this isn’t the only way, but they are pressed for time and want to reach the most people possible.

Consider this: a 32-year-old woman with two kids has vastly different priorities than a 26-year-old woman still finishing grad school. Yes, they are both millennial women but probably have very different lifestyles. We approach all marketing opportunities with these nuances in mind and aim to give you a thoughtful perspective on how your brand positions its messaging.

What expertise can benefit you?

Decades of experience marketing to consumers in this market

Proprietary and syndicated data

Industry-leading research partners

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social sharing
GenZ Word of Mouth MArketing
digital video consumption
digital video consumption
digital video consumption